Your health should always be a priority to ensure that you live a long, happy life. Health professionals are constantly making us aware of the importance of being healthy by exercising and eating a balanced and varied diet. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to health issues such as venous insufficiency. This condition essentially means that the venous wall in your legs cannot function well, and does not allow for the blood to be pumped from the legs to the heart. This results in a blood pool in the legs region, causing itchiness and swelling around the ankles.

Although venous insufficiency is not a serious condition, those who suffer from it can feel constant pain and this issue can disable them and prevent them from taking part in daily activities. It is important that you act quickly if you suffer from this issue and take the appropriate actions to prevent it from worsening. In this article, we will advise you of the things you need to do right away if you are experiencing venous insufficiency.

Wear Compression Garments

When you notice that you are suffering from venous insufficiency, it is a good idea to wear compression garments on the inflicted area. These garments are usually made of elastic, flexible fabric and can promote blood flow from the leg towards the heart and reduce swelling and pain. Although you can obtain one yourself. Your doctor or pharmacist may be able to prescribe you a

Consult With Your Doctor

As we mentioned previously, venous insufficiency is not considered to be a serious health threat. However, it can be extremely uncomfortable and prevent the individual from living a normal life. It is important that you do not ignore the symptoms when you suffer from this issue, and seek advice from a health professional. Depending on how severe your condition is, the doctor may recommend that you find an expert in the field for additional support – if this is the case you can make an online search to find Vein Doctor locations by city so that you find someone in your local area. A professional will be able to recommend the appropriate treatments as well as suitable lifestyle changes you may need to consider.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Having a sedentary lifestyle, smoking and a lack of exercise will contribute to venous insufficiency. You must assess your lifestyle and consider any changes that you might have to make to improve your condition. You can also ask your doctor what they recommend. Changing your lifestyle may not be easy to achieve, but it is fundamental that you do.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Being a healthy weight is vital for the functioning of our body. When we are over the weight we should be, we are prone to developing a range of severe health conditions. As you can imagine, your weight is a contributing factor to venous insufficiency as the extra weight puts additional pressure on the valves in the leg veins. If you are overweight, you should consult with a nutritionist to discuss your weight and the type of diet you should eat. It is important to note that you can develop this health issue even if you are of a healthy weight, and in this case, you should continue to monitor your diet and activity levels to prevent issues.

Increase Activity Levels

Exercise is a must when it comes to your health – no matter what issue you have. Both your physical and mental well-being will benefit from physical activity. Any doctor will advise you to start exercising when you present with venous insufficiency. Even if you do not enjoy going to the gym and do not believe this is for you, there are other activities that you can do. Walking, for example, will help better this condition and you can always make the time for it in the day.

Elevate the Legs

This condition can be a result of long periods of standing up or sitting down, which you may have to do on a daily basis due to your job. If this is the case, ensure that you take regular breaks and move the legs around or elevate them as much whilst sitting down. This will increase blood circulation and avoid the pooling of blood from forming.

Avoid Tight Clothing and High Heels

Wearing tight clothing and high heels may make you look good, they certainly will not help your legs feel good. Although you may wear these occasionally, you should refrain from wearing these items on a daily basis as they restrict blood circulation within your body.

Venous insufficiency can have an impact on your daily life, you must take appropriate steps to ensure that you improve the condition and the discomfort and pain that comes with it. Follow the tips discussed above right away if you are suffering from this health issue.

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