Are you looking for cardio equipment that could make up for your skipped workouts? An exercise bike is one of the best cardio machines you could consider for a cardiovascular workout at home. It helps burn calories faster and strengthens your muscles, heart, and lungs.

You could choose from a variety of exercise bikes present in the market. To make the most out of them, you must select the right type that suits your fitness goals. There are various exercise cycles for sale in Canada, ensuring you high-quality performance at reasonable prices.

Exercise bikes exert less pressure on the joints compared to other kinds of cardio machines, thus are ideal for people experiencing joint problems. It also provides an effective aerobic workout, making your muscles stronger.

In this article, we will focus on the effective use of exercise bikes and how to gain maximum benefits. So, keep on reading to learn more about it.

How To Use An Exercise Bike Effectively?

For an effective workout, you must set-up your bike in a way that is most comfortable to you. Adjusting its seat and handlebar properly will provide you comfort while using the bike. Here we have highlighted the required adjustments you would need to set-up your exercise bike before getting started.

Adjust The Seat Height

Wear your biking shoes and place your feet on the pedals to adjust the seat height properly. As your one leg is fully extended on the bike, make sure there is a slight bend in the knee of 5-10 degrees.

You should pedal comfortably without pointing your toes to fully extend your leg. If your hips move side-to-side as you pedal, it indicates the seat is quite high for you.

In a recumbent bike, seats are adjusted forward and backward. Be sure to extend your legs fully with a slight bend in your knees.

Handlebar Height

You should be able to reach for handles comfortably while cycling. You may experience back, shoulder, hand, or neck pain if the handlebars are too low, too high, too far away, or too close. Make sure to bend your elbows slightly while riding.

It is better to raise your handlebars a little higher to prevent pressure on the lower back and neck. Also, you could consider advanced adjustments, like altering the handlebar height or width.

Seat Fore/Aft Position

Besides adjusting a seat’s height, you could adjust it forward or backward that is fore and aft position. During pedaling, ensure your forward knee is aligned with the pedal axle.

Pedal Clips Or Foot Straps

Stationary bikes that feature straps, help in keeping the feet in place while pedaling. The clip-in pedals offered in spin bikes allow exercisers to clip their cycling shoes securely in the pedals.

If you have your feet strapped into the pedals, you can push and pull the pedals in a circular motion, creating a smooth pedal stroke. Make sure there is less space between the upper part of the strap and the shoe.

Resistance Level

Exercise bikes come with the option of manually adjusting the resistance and speed. You could set them depending on your fitness goals.

If you increase your resistance level, it will work your glutes and hamstrings more. Make sure to push and pull on the pedals for an effective workout.

The Right Way To Ride An Exercise Bike

Keep in mind these steps when you get on an exercise bike:

  1. Before you hop on to the bike, make sure you are dressed in padded bike shorts or apply a gel pad on the seat. It will provide you added comfort while riding the bike.
  2. As you sit on the bike, make sure your legs are fully extended with a slight bend in the knee when you are pedaling. If so, it indicates that your seat is placed correctly.
  3. Make adjustments to the resistance level. For interval training, you may have to adjust the resistance to have a rigorous workout. You may reduce the resistance to take some rest while riding.
  4. Pedal gradually as the bike powers up. Remember to not move your ankles while pedaling.
  5. Begin cycling gradually and then pick up the pace. You may increase the resistance and speed after few minutes of riding. As you are finishing up, reduce the resistance to help you stabilize your heart rate.
  6. Utilize different programs if you are using an electronic bike. They have multiple options, such as a heart rate monitor, workout duration, and various levels of resistance. Also, you could select programs that help you strengthen muscles or burn calories.

Experts recommend exercise bikes for burning calories and strengthening your muscles. So, if you use the equipment the correct way, you will be able to achieve your fitness goals in a few weeks.

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