Apricus Medical Group 24/7 Urgent care - Always Ready to Help

Our Urgent Care facilities are ready to provide medical care for any type of illnesses or injuries which require prompt attention but typically are not so serious that require the services of an emergency room. Our state-of-the-art facilities provide you with around-the-clock urgent care.

At Apricus Health, we strive to provide the Care Your Way, be available to our patients and, make the process of an urgent care visit as easy and seamless as possible. Our outpatient center provides quality urgent care as and when you need it, without an appointment.

Why Is An Urgent Care Important?

Many times patients face difficulty in getting immediate care due to the unavailability of appointments. However, some medical problems require immediate attention and therefore the importance of outpatient and urgent care clinics has increased so much.
Apricus Health Urgent care center is designed to treat patients in the shortest possible time. In most cases, a patient will not wait more than half an hour to see a medical professional. We also provide competent, convenient, and affordable care. At Apricus Heath Urgent Care center you will get:

  • Qualified and well-experienced physicians
  • Shortest wait times
  • Easy and convenient access to care

Our medical expertise and commitment to personalized care ensure that patients with urgent health needs receive the best care day, night, weekends and most holidays.

10825 W McDowell Rd Suite 100
Avondale, AZ 85392


“I want to thank the team at Apricus for their exceptional service! Rather than having me go to the emergency room and wait for hours to be evaluated and treated for a cut on my hand needing stitches, they were able to squeeze me in to see them in their once and get me out the door in a very reasonable time. What a relief that was! From Judy getting me worked into the schedule, to the staff at the front desk who checked me in (and surprised me by hand-delivering my insurance card back to me.”

Finn McCoy, Apricus Patient

“The entire experience of getting urgent care at Apricus Health was much better and more convenient than visiting the emergency room. The whole process from the reception to the physician and follow-up was very good. They set the standard that every urgent care center should follow.”

Margret Richardson, Apricus Patient

“I am really grateful for going with the suggestion of my friend to take up Specialty Care Services for my mom at Apricus Health. All nursing assistants and the staff are really caring and compassionate. My mom had excellent care around the clock, day and night!!! Thanks to you and your staff so very much!!!"

Ginna Clark,
Apricus Patient's daughter

“The telehealth service offered by Apricus Health has really cut down the wait time for the appointments and the inconvenience of traveling to visit in person. Especially, as I reside in a rural area, traveling down every time for routine appointments was getting really difficult. The virtual appointments have really lowered my costs and improved my access to care.”

Leslie Wasson, Apricus Patient